* Please Note:  Due to the pandemic, the Village Rides program is not in effect until further notice*

For transportation requests — giving or receiving rides — Burning Tree Village has a neighborhood volunteer program to provide local rides to seniors living within Burning Tree Village who do not currently drive. The Village Rides program receives requests for transportation to medical appointments, grocery stores, and other local destinations. We do our best to match the ride requests with an available volunteer driver. We typically ask that a ride request be made three days or so in advance, but we will consider ride requests made on shorter notice whenever possible, again subject to a volunteer driver's availability. To request a ride, or to volunteer to become a driver, please contact Burning Tree Village.

You can volunteer to be a driver and join the group of neighbors who are providing rides to others in Burning Tree Village. Volunteering is easy. You can see if a request fits into your schedule and then sign up to give someone a lift. If not, then you don’t.

For more information please contact or 240-389-3829.